What a night! There must have been nearly 60 people at our fantastic show last night! Thanks to all the comedians and the wonderful audience - next show coming up on May 17!


And thanks to Celeste for this short movie from last night's full-house show! If you want to try out standup comedy at our open mics like these guys, send us a message!


Yet another great show last night, thanks for coming out and supporting standup comedy in Strasbourg!


Yay, thanks for your support, we now have 250 followers! I’m fairly certain that no more than 237 of them are Russian spambots


Unfortunately we have had to cancel our show next week – the French Football Association just wrote to me, worried that nobody would watch the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday as they’d all be at our show instead, so I’ve made a noble sacrifice and cancelled our show in December. We’ll be back bigger and stronger in the New Year though!


Another full house and a fantastic night of comedy, thanks for coming out to support standup in Strasbourg! Next show coming up on 14 December, see you there!


Sorry, everyone, but the open mic show tomorrow has been cancelled because essentially all the comedians have dropped out at the last minute🥲. There should be a show in November, though, and I will try to prepare a long set so I can do the show on my own if necessary! (There should be a few comedians back from illness by then, at least!)


We now have FOUR acts coming all the way from Stuttgart for our next open mic - get your tickets fast, it will be an incredible show!


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Our next open mic show is coming up next month, tickets available soon! Any comedians wanting to come to Strasbourg, or anyone wanting to try out standup comedy - send us a message!


A few people came up to me after the show asking if they could perform at the next show - I said of course! We are always looking for new comedians! We'll also be happy to help newcomers with their routines, too - I know it can be a bit scary going on stage at first. So if you, or anyone you know, might be interested in trying a short set at one of our next shows, send us a message🙂


Another fantastic night, thanks for coming out to support live comedy in Strasbourg! Stay tuned for details of our next show in October... With Denis Bostock and Matt Gabnai


In September, after a very hot summer, we’ll be back for some very hot comedy! Our new season is starting on September 14, so come and join our regular comedians and some acts from outside Strasbourg for another brilliant night of comedy! Entry is free as always. If you want to try out standup comedy, send us a message! Our experienced comedians will be happy to help you with your routine. Get your tickets here! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lmao-september-standup-comedy-open-mic-tickets-401873112297


Our first season has come to a close with another fantastic show, thanks to an amazing audience and all the comedians! Next show is coming up on 14 September, see you there!


Our first season as a comedy club is coming to a close - don't worry, we'll be back in September - but to finish our debut season in style, we have a fantastic show on 6 July with some of our regular acts and 3 comedians from Stuttgart. Thanks for your support throughout the year, we now have over 200 followers 😀 Tickets available here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lmao-july-standup-comedy-open-mic-tickets-371032888357


Fantastic show last night with the brilliant Rick Kiesewetter! Next up - open mic on July 6! With Alex Pope, Caroline Tscheiller, Akash Nair and Denis Bostock


English Comedy in Strasbourg

LMAO – Laugh My Alsace Off is the English comedy club in Strasbourg with stand-up/one-man shows, improv, sketches and open mics
Our next open mic is coming up soon @lelocalbar! Let us know if you want to come - either to watch or perform! #standup #comedy #openmic #strasbourg #english #englishcomedy #standupcomedy #englishinstrasbourg #strasbourgcomedy #comedyshow
Another fantastic night @lelocalbar! #standup #comedy #strasbourg #standupcomedy
Happy New Year! To celebrate 2023 in style, come to our first standup comedy open mic of the year @lelocalbar! #standupcomedyshow #standup #standupcomedy #comedy #openmic #comedians #strasbourg #humour #comedyshow
Our last standup comedy open mic of the year @lelocalbar #standupcomedy #standup #comedy #openmic #strasbourg
Another fantastic show last night! Next one is on 14 December #standup #standupcomedy #openmic #comedy #strasbourg
Lineup for the big open mic show tomorrow! Send us a message if you want to perform at the next one! #standup #comedy #openmic #strasbourg #standupcomedy
Our next standup comedy open mic is coming up @lelocalbar in November, send us a message if you want to perform! #standup #standupcomedy #comedy #openmic #strasbourg #standupclub #comedian #comedians